Date: 16th century
Origins: Found at Jalan Cengkeh, Jakarta (Formerly Prinsen Straat)
Category: Stone
Dimensions: H. 198 cm, 67.5 cm
Classification: Sejarah


Padrao is a stone carved to commemorate the agreement between the Portuguese and the Sunda Empire. In 1522, the Portuguese Governor in Malaka, Jorge d’Albuquerque, delegated Henrique Leme to develop commercial relation with the Sunda King or “Samiam”.

The agreement between the Portuguese and the Sunda Empire was signed on 21st August 1522. The agreement permitted the Portuguese to found a trading office in the from of a fortress in Sunda Kelapa and to make a commemorative stone (padrao in portuguese). The sunda Empire made this agreement for both the commercial link and also to receive Portuguese support in facing the islamic Empire of Demak. In the end, the agreement was not executed, because in 1527 Fatahilah, sultan of demak succeeded in conquering Sunda Kelapa